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A classic mens's gift guide complete with items to compliment your items from MENAGERIE Intimates. 

Every product was carefully curated by an MENAGERIE Intimates founder, ROMAN SIPE. 

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  1. Beats Studio3 Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones- With noise-canceling qualities and a sleek design, these headphones will let them tune out the world.

  2. Kiehl's Brighten Up & Glow Skincare Set- 4-step set is easy to use, and its skin-clearing results are almost immediate. 

  3. Movado All-Black Watch- This all-black minimal watch by Movado has a stainless steel face and a leather strap, making it built to last and an undeniable classic. 

  4. The Journal by MIND JOURNAL- Used by thousands of guys all around the world, the Journal is your tool to a happier, healthier you.

  5. AZABACHE BY PIGMENTARIUM x ARTURO OBEGERO- Trapped in a black as night hand-painted bottle, AZABACHE is a mysterious fragrance designed to entice lovers. It is a man-made concoction, delicately engineered to trick the mind and charm the heart. It is a weapon of mass seduction. Feminine and masculine, it is ambiguously flirtatious and
    liberated form olfactory conventions. It is a new classic and a bold creative scent.

  6. QUICKSHOT: VANTAGE Fleshlights most compact sleeve to date. Watch every satisfying moment through an entirely clear case and sleeve. Equipped with a winding, grinding screw-like texture, Vantage lends itself to a visibly commanding experience.

  7. THE LAWN MOWER 3.0- Trimmer for groin and body grooming.

  8. Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge Glass- The wedge-shaped ice on one side of the glass melts slower than typical cubes, allowing him to get the full flavor of his favorite drink for longer.

  9. Manly Indulgence Black Tuxedo 16.5oz Jar Candle- With a unique fragrance blend of clove, musk, and vanilla, this candle will fit your space as well as a perfectly tailored tuxedo. A refined, sleek aroma to elevate any evening.

  10. Yves Saint Laurent L'homme Intense for Men Eau De Parfum Spray- The floral and fruity composition of L'homme Intense for men was created by Yves Saint Laurent for those looking for a light and intriguing scent.

  11. Herschel Supply Co. Amenity Kit-  Accompanied by a convenient storage pouch, the Standard Issue Amenity Kit includes ear plugs, a sleeping mask, slippers and an inflatable neck pillow.

  12. Lulu Lube Natural Water-Based- Personal Lubricant that is Smooth, natural and tasteless with no smell, that doesn't dry out.

  13. Ember Mug 2The Ember Mug²- not only keeps his coffee hot, but it keeps his precious java at his exact preferred temperature.